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Important Nutrients For Fertility

When it comes to fertility of women, there are factors which are within our control and there are factors which are not exactly under our control. For example, age, genetics, certain medical conditions may not be under our direct control and the same could be a hindrance as far as fertility is concerned. On the other hand there could be many situations which could be under our control. The food we eat on a daily basis could have a big role to play as far as fertility is concerned. In this article, we will try and have a look at some important nutrients for fertility which perhaps could be the way forward for many hundreds of women who are unable to conceive.


Vitamins Have An Important Role To Play


There are a number of vitamins and minerals which play an important role in aiding and helping pregnancy. For examples Vitamin D has a role to play in creating and activating sex hormones. This helps in ovulation and maintains the right hormonal balance. Further as far as men are concerned, Vitamin E has a role to play. It helps in improving sperm health and motility quite significantly. In the same light Vitamin C increases the levels of hormones in the body. Hence choosing some natural fertility tips could help get the required dosage of this vitamin.


Then there is a wide range of Vitamin B complex vitamins ranging from B6, B12 and folic acid which have important roles to perform. Folic acid is considered to be one the most important and effective vitamins. It helps a lot in preventing neural defects and also from heart defects that are congenital in nature. They also assist a lot in preventing cleft lips, defects of the limbs and abnormalities associated with the urinary tract. They also help in maintaining optimal weight of the new born baby and other such functions. Hence, the role of vitamins and minerals are extremely important and should be given the importance that they deserve. The various fertility tips which have been passed to us over ages must be always followed.