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How to survive if all these technology is taken away from you

Technology has been a part of our day to day life from decades. We chat in text rather than talking in real. We are so much used to bikes and motorcycles that, even for a walking distance we travel by bike or motorcycles or even four wheelers. We are frequently on the internet and social media every now and then. Previously we were given homework like, to collect leaf samples and to write about them. Nowadays it is all computer based. We don’t move an inch without our smart phones, tablets and laptops. We are frequently using them on the go, during eating sessions and even before going to sleep. Previously postman was there to deliver us letters, postcards, telegrams and money orders. But nowadays it is all computer based. We send email instead of letter, we chat instead of using telegram, and instead of money orders we use online wallet. So technology has taken over us. While there are many ways to survive without technology. Here are some of them.

Immersing oneself in work can be a substitute for technology

Doing the work you like more and immersing in it can help to cope out of using technology. We can do any work like making crafts item, painting, raising pets, gardening, cooking etc in our leisure time which will fill the empty space created by lack of technology. By engaging in these types of activities one can spend quality time and even know a lot more of other things too. By getting habituated to these things one can survive without technology.

Meeting with neighbours

We are so busy on sessions in the internet that often we miss our neighbours. We don’t even know some of our neighbours. Now that there is no technological stuffs around, then why not have a chit chat with the neighbours. This will not only help to cope up surviving without technology but also knowing a neighbour will be beneficial in case of any need and emergency too.

Playing outdoor games

Outdoor games such as Cricket, volleyball, football etc are being diminished as we don’t have time for them but to watch TV and listen to the music. While surviving without technology outdoor games can be very beneficial. Not only these games keep our mind and health fresh but will let us to cope with surviving without technology. And you can spend quality times with friends or siblings too.

Find new and innovative Cooking ideas

Cooking is a best way to cope up surviving without technology. One can work out with new and innovative ideas and dishes to cook with. As not only cooking is beneficial for surviving this but also eating homemade food can save us from lots of diseases of the digestive system.

Write literature

Writing literature has always been a person’s favourite past time. We write stories, novels, biography and poems still now; with only difference being the writing pad has become the word pad. But now that we have to survive without technology, one should engage himself more on writing literature and adopting writing on the writing pad. This not only gives us a brief overview of what state of mind we are currently in but also tremendously helps, surviving without technology.

The lost ways book written by Claude Davis shows us how to survive without technology. The lost ways review about the latest ways by which one can survive a catastrophe or disaster.  It is available online as eBook as well as its hard copy is also available on the market.