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A Brief Review About The Lost Ways Program by Claude Davis

Food for Survival: The Lost Ways


Ever thought of a time when there will be nothing left in our planet. By that I mean no technology and no modern day perks that we are so used to. It is difficult to imagine the intensity of problems that we might face. One of the basic questions that we will have to answer is how to survive? The Lost ways is a book that covers all recipes used by our ancestors of the prehistoric times to stay alive in the most demanding conditions. The purpose that we plan to serve with this article is an unbiased “the lost ways review”.

The fact of the matter is that people today have started to take all the modern day amenities for granted. The generation today does not know how to survive if all these technology is taken away from them. The whole world is more or less ignoring the fact that we are having global warming and climate change which has brought a whole new dimension. This dimension is continuously signalling that your world will not always be like this.


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So, let us pause and think for a moment. Let us ask questions to ourselves and introspect. What will you do if a catastrophe hits you tomorrow? What are your chances of survival? If your answer is not convincing enough, The Lost Ways is certain to at least take care of your survival at such a time. It is one of the most perfect resources to look into when you are pondering about such a situation.

About the Author:

The Lost Ways is written by Claude Davis who claims to be an expert in survival techniques. He also boats of an experience of over 30 years. He is the man behind one of the most popular websites when it comes to survival – The idea for this book began to picture in his mind when he figured how ignorant the modern day people are about the ways of our ancestors. He began researching on this topic and soon found out that there was a lot to be told. The aim of his book is to bring to light some of the most potent survival techniques used by our forefathers to thrive in the most demanding conditions.
the lost ways by claude davis

For The Reader:

Okay, so now you must be thinking what all the survival stuff we are talking about is. Is it worth taking a look? The information provided in the book is to the point practical and addresses interesting topics of survival as the chapter’s progress. We get a hell lot of information about how to save yourself and your family when a disaster strikes. Let us take a look at what the book covers:

Food: The book deals with foods that are filled with nutrition and can last for a long time. You do not even need to refrigerate them.

Cooking: Covers traditional ways of cooking in ancient smokehouses. Learn a variety of techniques to smoke fish and meat.

Water: Techniques for collecting water. The importance of preserving water and saving it for a bad day.

Hunting: This is one of the most important technique of our ancestor. Without learning to hunt there is very little chance of surviving a catastrophe.

Housing: Learn to build your own house underground which are large and accommodate a number of people.

Poultices: All the information about ancient medicines and herbs. The science behind these formulations in the form of pastes is also explained. These things can go a long way in healing your wounds.


The book has some additional bonuses associated with it. The package includes two reports written by the same author.

Can Rotation system: A building guide: This report discusses in detail about how to build a can rotation system which is capable of storing a large number of cans of food.

What every survivalist should grow in the backyard?: The report deals in details about plants which are nutritionally complete and easy to grow. A garden full of such plants ensures that your family is healthy even at times of extreme food scarcity.


Valuable skills to be learned that can be applied anytimeThe book teaches a number of valuable skills which can be helpful at many times and we actually do not have to wait for a catastrophe to happen for using these techniques. It can teach to become self-sufficient and decrease your dependency on modern technology. Using such techniques can be healthy for your family and also for our environment.

The best survival guide in the market: If we compare Claude Davis Lost Ways to some of the other guides available in the market then this book certainly stands out to be the best among all of them. It is replete with strategies that are pragmatic and does not require you to move to a pre-historic era to use them. The topics covered in the book are wide-ranging and is certain to make you a survival expert.

Both print format and e-book is available: The book is available in both formats i.e. in print and digital. Some people prefer to have a hard copy of a book but there are others who like to go through their laptop screen. So, both preferences have been taken care of.


No video or audio tutorials included: There are no audio-visual aid available with this book. This can be problem when we talk about building ancient houses. It is always good to watch and learn and may be the book is just trying to practice what it preaches, i.e. stay away from modern technology.

Requires time and commitment:If you actually want to get all that ancient wealth into your system then you would probably have to spare some of your time for it. Mastering the survival techniques would require practice and it is not likely to happen overnight.

Money-back Guarantee: Most people like to have a sense of security when they are buying a new product and we cannot blame them for it. The lost ways comes with a 60 days money back guarantee. So, if you feel that the survival techniques mentioned in the book are not up to the mark or language is difficult to comprehend then you do not have to worry. Just contact the support team and receive a full refund of your money. The support team is likely to return your money within 48 hours of your query.

Lost Ways Scam!

The Lost ways cannot be called a scam once you go through the information provided by the book. The techniques explained in the book are worth learning and as of now it is certainly the best survival guide available in the market.

A person reading this book is likely to become more self-sufficient and will be better prepared for an inevitable future that we all are going into. The world is no longer predictable and with rising temperatures always on the radar you never know when the movie 2012 can suddenly become a reality. You can also check the reviews here about this book can know what people think about this book.

Having said that if you are unsatisfied with any part of the Lost ways then you always have the option of getting your money back.


For More Information, Visit the Official Website Here – Official Website

The lost ways review